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     Irena Kelso

     Breeder/Dog Trainer

     Wilmington DE 19809

      (302) 437-6041

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     Our Danes are part of our family and live indoors as part of our family!!!

   (Harry is not our's,  he just vacations with us while his family is on vacation!)

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 4/26/2014~ Jester goes Select Dog at Wilmington Kennel Club show  for his 3rd major towards his Grand Championship! And our 10 month old puppy, Etta goes Winner's Bitch for her 1st major and three more points towards her Championship!!! Check out thier pages for pictures!

4/25/2014~ Jester goes Best Of Breed at Wilmington Kennel Club show and our 10 month old puppy, Etta goes Winner's Bitch for her 1st two points! Check out thier pages for pictures!

2/12/2013~ Jester goes Select Dog at the 137th Westminster Kennel Club Show!!!! Check out his page for more details!!!



4/8/2010- Neffy's breeder charged with animal cruelty!!! Visit Neffy's page to read more about it!!! WARNING: PICTURES POSTED ARE GRAPHIC IN NATURE!!!!


On June 30, 2009 CBS 3 airred a piece that I was interviewed for and used a puppy from our Heart Litter, Griffin. The piece is about (click the purple text to go to the link to watch the video  -->) "HOW DOGS MIMIC HUMAN BEHAIVORS"

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  Great Dane Club of Central Pennsylvania


    Great Danes are like potato chips... Bet ya can't have just one!



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